nothing to lose by cooldecade

Been a while...

It felt very odd to be in a town that wasn't crawling with demons, vampires, and other creatures that went bump in the night. If you talked about vampires in a place like this, you were refering to a a horror movie or something you saw on tv, or maybe an Anne Rice novel. Because in this place, everyone knew those kind of things didn't exist.

No one here knew about the things I had done, the evils I'd been a part of. I was just that guy who came into the town from time to time, spent some money at the local bar, maybe sang a few songs on karaoke night, and went back to the place I currently called home. They didn't know about the tattoos that were keeping me safe from the Senior Partners, or the wards that lined the walls of my house. Hell, none of them had ever been to my place. Bet they all had made up stories as to why I was out there by myself. I didn't mind though, it was something to expect in a small town.

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